Folk L'OR.

Folk L'OR is a modern Ukrainian company that produces women's clothing.
Understanding the needs of women, combined with the European vision
is the key to the success of the Folk L'OR trademark.

Strengths of Folk L'OR.

  • We create our own design "from Folk L'OR". Without plagiarism and borrowing!
  • We are well-versed in all the latest trends, but we prefer our own ideas!
  • Quality textile from the world leaders. Only from France and Italy!
  • Positive corporate culture; we do all things with love and loyalty.
  • Excellent quality of sewing (it is visible even under a magnifying glass)!
  • Eco-philosophy – the location of the factory in the clean environment: fresh air outside the windows!

Clothing from Folk L'OR.

  • Modern cutting, perfect fit, high quality, advanced technology and equipment,
    exclusive technology solutions and wide model range of clothing.
  • Not retro, not futurism, not "mass tailoring". Modern pret-a-porter that women love to wear.
  • Clothing from Folk L'OR does not change the personality of a woman, but rather complements it perfectly.

Woman in Folk L'OR.

Special. Refined. Appreciates the beauty and harmony. With a rich inner world.

Woman in a dress from Folk L'OR is unique. She is elegant, she differs, she delights!